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If you're a tag collector and have wondered why certain tags get a black background after you have saved them, a reason could be your computer (or phone; tablet; laptop).  If the tag was created in Transparent PNG Format and you do not have software on your device that "reads" transparency, a background will be added automatically.

Now this can cause your tags to be deleted whenever you post them in Groups/Forums that are Copyright Compliant.  If the Tag Designer placed their Credits off to the side and used Black Font Color, then the credits might not be visible after the tag is saved to your device.

Edit January 2017 - A couple Facebook Friends have told me that when someone sends a Transparent PNG Tag through Messenger, that will add a black background also.  I have just now learned that this could be if you're using a Mobile or a Tablet.  Someone sent me a Transparent PNG through PM and it maintained the transparency >>> she from a Laptop and I am on Desktop Computer.

Most people do know that when uploading Transparent PNGs into Facebook in other locations or using in Posts, a white background is automatically added.  Facebook does not maintain the image transparency.

Using my own tags, I have created visual examples to help me explain.  Note: I only use a Computer; I do not own a smartphone.

This first example (CLICK TO VIEW) is in Transparent PNG Format and with Credits off to the side and in Black color.  If you happen to use this in a group/forum that has Black Page Backgrounds, you will not be able to see the Credits.

Second example shows what occurs after saved by someone that is not able to properly save Transparent PNGs - it is NOT their fault.  This tag will be deleted in groups because they will think that the Tag Designer did not put credits on their tag. (CLICK TO VIEW)

Here is my tag in Transparent PNG Format (CLICK TO VIEW) and I have placed Credits *on* tag which is the way I prefer to do mine.  Also allows me to use my PNG tags in groups/forums where their Page Background is Black.

EDIT - I forgot to mention that one way "around" this is if the Tagger happens to use Photobucket.  "PB" has the "Copy to my album" feature which means YOU can save/copy the Tag DIRECTLY to YOUR OWN Photobucket (if you have one).  This way, the Transparent PNGs are not saved to your device and so the transparency will be maintained.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

Originally posted November 2014


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    1. Sorry I didn't see this sooner ... Thank you for this, Debra. You're quite welcome.

  2. Wow, that explains.why some of my tags are black. Thidvis vital info. So how can this be fixed

  3. So the transparent png is not good.

    1. Hi Kim :) It's only "bad" for the people that can not save if the Tagger made it Transparent. PNG is a Format, just as JPG is a Format. PNG can also be made "flat", which is what I do in Facebook Group Offers. Unfortunately, the only way for you to "fix" is to have a Software Program that can read transparency. You DO NOT need something fancy - there are probably Free Image Readers out there; it's just finding the right one.


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