Monday, November 10, 2008

Something I thought would "never" happen

hehehe ... You never know when you will change your mind. With this, I really believed I would never change my mind.

With the closure of MSN Groups next February, I have opened a Forum ... OMG. For those on the net that have known me for the last few years, they totally know my dislike and/or trouble with Forums in general. I know that they must be totally shocked ... I sure am.

MSN Groups are migrating to something called "Multiply", but I have found that multiply only multiplies its level of junk and spam into my email. I foolishly created an ID so that I could take a look around and see what would be involved .... BIG mistake. To say the least, I am peeved!

Sooooo ... off to "Yuku" I went after viewing some information in a help group that I often visited in MSN, "Community Feedback". It looked to me as if quite a few were going over there, so I took a look around and decided to give it a try. First, I learned how to "solve" one of my long-standing problems with forums ... the overall page font size. For whatever reason, I was always UNABLE to increase the page view through the View/Text Size option in my browser. Recently I learned about the Accessibility area where you can set it to "ignore" fonts on a page. WOW!

If any of my former Yahoo members happen upon my blog, pop on over to my Yuku Formum. I couldn't get things exactly how I wanted, so I have "general rules" in a public forum and my actual request group is a private one.

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