Friday, January 2, 2009

Siggie Exchange

I hope that everyone had a fabulous New Years celebration. Thankfully our neighborhood wasn't very noisy ... too much loudness scares our dogs. We spent a quiet evening at home watching "Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve".

Okay ... now down to business lol

Some of you might know me from MSN Groups and I've been making sigtags for awhile now (like many others). Now that MSN is closing, I would like to offer a "siggie exchange". If you have a personalized sigtag that I made and would like to exhange it for one with URL, please visit: It is a completely Public group; NO joining necessary.

Also, you might have some sigtags by me that were made before a particular artist went PTU ... Caron Vinson, for example. If I happen to now have a License for that particular image, I would be able to exchange the sigtag for you.

I think lots of other tag designers are offering to do this; that is how I got the idea ... though I had mentioned to my small group of members that I would do it for them. Now I've just expanded is all ;)

Thanks for the visit.

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