Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please send "puppy hugs" for our Lexi

I haven't felt much like myself for a little while now. Our beloved Beagle, Lexi has been scaring me. A severe trembling incident over the weekend prompted a visit to our Vet on Jan. 11th. No cause for the trembling; could be muscle weakness. Given Lexi's age (13) they ran a "senior panel" of tests ... blood work and X-ray. The blood work wasn't 'great' but the X-ray showed a mass and it needed to be removed.

Lexi underwent surgery yesterday (Jan. 18) and I hope she'll be home today; no call yet. The reason for the "puppy hugs" request ... the mass is her spleen and given the size of the mass and its location, she has a 50-50 chance that it IS cancer. What's worse is the type of cancer ... I don't recall the name; just that it is "blood" related and the doctor said Lexi would pass away within 2-3 months. Biopsy results will be in Weds. or Thurs.

I am just heartsick. We've had our Lexi from 6 Weeks Old and we love her very much. I can't imagine losing her already.

Also during this time our little Spencer (Papillion-Chihuahua Mix, 7 yrs.) was not acting himself. He didn't want to play - shocking. He didn't want to be in my lap - shocking. I thought perhaps I was hyper-sensitive given what was going on with Lexi. He had the same tests; his X-ray showed the beginning of Arthritis in his hip joints. We also had a "scare" with diabetes but that proved negative yesterday - thank goodness. Spencer is on pain meds and a joint supplement and he's back to his old perky, playful, silly self. It's nice to have something to smile at right now.

Thank you for reading/listening.
"Mommy" to Lexi and Spencer

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