Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rainbow Bridge ... our Lexi has passed away

April 5, 2010 our beloved Lexi lost her battle with soft tissue osteosarcoma and/or its complications.

Lexi was a very friendly, sometimes "bratty" 14-year-old Beagle and we loved her very much. As a typical Beagle, she did give us some challenges - she wanted to do things when she felt like it LOL Lexi was very smart; we learned quickly that we had to SPELL certain words in order for her not to know what was going on and get excited. Though she knew certain commands, she would do it when she wanted to. lol

Everyone we came across at parks or on walks wanted to say hello to her - she had a very sweet face. Not to mention that she would get extremely excited when we approached people - everyone should say "hi"; that was her take on things.

Lexi's housemate, Spencer, is 7 years old and has not seemed to notice her absence yet (Papillion-Chihuahua mix). I am greatful for his presence; he gives me much to smile at right now.

Sleep in peace, dear Lexi.
May 1996 - April 2010

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  1. Iam so sorry for you n those that loved Lexi so much.I lost a cat of 19 years n it was gut wrenching,cried for days.The memorial is beautiful,just like lil Lexi.I hope you can find some comfort,hugs Janetta


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