Monday, October 4, 2010

I Am SO MAD Right Now

My husband and I are *supposed* to take a few days off and go visit my mom and step-dad.  Well we might have to postpone our trip because I have a sore throat that is not going away.  grrrrr!   And for the last hour or so, I can feel that "tingling" sensation in my sinus area so I'm almost positive that I am coming down with a cold.

Sure, a cold is a minor thing but NOT when you want to visit someone who is not of good health.  When my mother gets a cold, it can stay with her 3 weeks or more - not to mention cause other complications.  I can not go there with a cold.

I just have to hope that it's short-lived and also that hubby can postpone his vacation days.  He might not be able to.

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