Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hard Drive Crash

Well it has been a couple weeks now since our hard drive crashed.  This is the first time we have ever had this happen.  Our Dell computer has been running fine for seven (7) years.  

Unfortunately, we were unable to recover any data.  When connected to the PC "Windows does not recognize the drive" is what the technician told me.  So now we must take the drive to a professional.  I told my husband that it's going to be costly but we need to at least have somebody try.  There are Photos, Music Files, Documents, and Spreadsheets that we need.  Some of the spreadsheets contain data that I have collected for at least four years.

Thankfully 98% of my PTU artwork was on the External and it is fine.  I temporarily lost just a few things and most of the stores have some sort of recovery arrangements that can be made.

A lot of the tags that you see here on my blog that were created between April and June are lost.  I am quite upset about that.  I will try and re-create a couple that are my favorites.

I've also been lucky to have backed-up a lot of the Filters.  I found a disk dated 2009 so at least that's something.  I think I have a lot of other resources saved on the external.  The one thing that I don't seem to have a back-up of are my Fonts.  omg ... I had so many.  With tag scripting, if a font is not available the script defaults to Arial.  ugh

I am happy that I have PSP XI installed and Eye Candy 4000, too.  I also tried a script and that worked.  Whew!  So this weekend I will deliver that tag to my Always List.

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