Friday, November 2, 2012

A "Tube Addict's" Challenge

So I think most of us that love PaintShopPro (or PhotoShop) and making signature tags have collected many gorgeous pieces of artwork ("Tubes").  Back-in-the-day we purchased in Packs, then gradually we were able to purchase custom packs or single tubes.  Well, due to packs many of us have tubes we probably have not used ... I know I am guilty.

A fellow PSPer posted a personal challenge for herself not to buy anything new for the month of November.  Well, I probably could do that because over the last couple years I have had to limit my 'hobby' spending considerably.  However, this time of year some really wonderful Holiday Artwork becomes available.  I will still be selective because I can't afford to purchase something that is so very limited in use. 

Well, I have decided to take on Tasha's challenge in a way.  I am going to challenge myself to use a Tube that I have NOT used before in the creation of a new Tag at least once a week.  I am just hoping that my friends and group members will like the tags even though the artwork is older.  After all, I purchased the pieces because I loved them and wanted to make something with them.   ... Right? ...  :)

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