Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Mother Passed Away

Quite unexpectedly our Mother passed away in the early morning of Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2012.  She and my step-dad had just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary Dec. 12th.  The same week we received the devastating news ... Lung Cancer ... and it had already spread.  Who knows how long Mom had been living with that.  Given her dropping weight over the last year or so, I'd hazard a guess for quite awhile.

After the diagnosis the doctors gave her six months; I thought perhaps at least three, given her other health issues.  So it was quite unexpected that she would pass so quickly.

I have my good days and on one of those, I made this tag using a photograph of her from the mid 1970's.  Not too many years after this photo was taken, her health issues began.  This photo is how she would want to be remembered ... lively; spirited; looking great; and good health.

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  1. Laura, what a beautiful verse and tag. Your mother would be pleased. My Sympathy. MaryD


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