Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tut - Dickens Winter Embrace PTU

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There are no examples; users should have a working knowledge of PaintShopPro.

I am using PaintShop Pro XI
EyeCandy 4000 Gradient Glow
Mura Meister Copies - Encircle

Tube of Choice - I used Archie Dickens which can not be used without a License.  I purchased my Tube from CILM.  You may purchase from CDO Store.

“Winter Embrace” is a PTU scrapkit created by KC’s Scrappin’ Sanctuary available from TKO Scraps in Tagger Size and Full Size.  Also be sure to check out her Blog.

~ Here We Go ~

Fill bottom layer with white; this will be deleted later.

Pick Preset Shape Tool / Ellipse / Width of 10 / No fill color.  I chose #a0c4ed as my line color.  Above your white layer, draw a large circle (hold Shift key while doing so will keep it circular).  Objects; Align; Center in Canvas, convert to Raster.

Using Magic Wand click inside the circle; then Selections; Modify; Expand by 3.  Add a new raster layer below the circle.  Open Paper11, copy and Paste into Selection.  Select none.

Add Noise to the circle frame layer - 80% / Uniform / Monochrome; then Sharpen.

Below the circle frame layer, copy and paste Flower 2.  I resized 25% then 80% and then colorized to Color #5480a6.  Now go to Mura Meister Copies, select Encircle.  I only changed the first 3 boxes – your numbers will be different, depending on the size of your large circle.  My flower ring is just barely outside of the frame (see tag).

>> My settings were:  first box 18, next one 75, next one 80 – leave the others to default.

Above the circle frame, copy and paste Frame 4.  I wanted to resemble a window so I resized 40%.

Below Frame 4, copy and paste Paper 9; Resize 70%.  Move into position; remove any excess showing outside the frame.

If you want to decorate ‘window’ the way that I did:

Copy and paste Winter Bird below frame layer; Resize 15%; Mirror.
Copy and paste Deer; Resize 70%.
Copy and paste Hot Cocoa 1; Resize 30%
Copy and paste Bow 2; Resize 30%; rotate left 90%.  Place at left.

Now go back and add Drop Shadow to all layers to your liking.

If you like, resize your tag; all layers.  Now add your Credits.  Adding them after resizing your tag will ensure that they remain crisp; clear; and easy to read.

Add your Name and any Effects.  I used White for my Name and EyeCandy Gradient Glow.  Then I added Drop Shadow.

Delete the white layer; crop to visible layers then save.  I saved mine in Transparent PNG Format.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  Any ideas contained that are similar to others is purely coincidental.  Do not copy and claim as your own.  Group Owners may link to my tutorial.

January 19, 2013.

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  1. Beautiful hunny... TYSVM for doing my kit justice... You rock!!!

    Another tut in the books too :P


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