Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ken Morton "Insanity" - Tutorial

I decided to write a tutorial for this tag after all; "old school" (no scraps)

There are no examples; users should have a working knowledge of PaintShopPro.

I am using PaintShop Pro XI
EyeCandy 4000 - Water Drops, Marble, Gradient Glow
Xero - Fritillary
Penta - Jeans

Tube of Choice - I used the fun artwork of Ken Morton which can not be used without a License.  You may purchase the tube from CDO.

Template of Choice – I used Millie's Template 191.  Be sure to say thank you if you download. [size=9][/size]

~ Here We Go ~

Open Template; duplicate; close the original.
Delete the designer's CR layer.

For my tag, I selected Seven (7) Colors (Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Lt. Blue,Orange, and Red-Brown).

Layer 1 - Select a color then use the Color Changer Tool; fill the square.
Filter - Penta Jeans: Amount 21, Border Width 8
I applied a thin Black Gradient Glow.

Layers 2 and 3 - Select 2 colors.  Use Gradient Settings:  Foreground/Background, Linear, Angle 45, Repeat 4.
Select Magic Wand - Mode Add (Shift).  Click inside Layer 2 and then inside Layer 3.
Add a New Layer; fill this with the Gradient.
Filter - Xero Fritilary:  5 / 30 / 10 / 20
Apply the same thin Black Gradient Glow as on Layer 1.

Layer 4 - Select 2 colors.  Apply EyeCandy Marble: (no need to fill the circle with color, the Filter will change the color)
Vein Size: 23.76
Vein Coverage: 100
Vein Thickness: 8
Vein Roughness: 88
Bedrock Color:  Orange (my color)
Vein Color:  Red-Brown (my color)
Apply Drop Shadow

Layers 5 and 6 - I used the same color on both (Yellow).  Color changer would not work for me on these layers so ... Select All; Float; Defloat; then Selections; Modify; Expand by 1; Fill.
Keep selected - now Effects / Texture / Tiles - Hexagon (default settings).
Keep selected - now Selections / Modify / Select Selections Borders:
Inside / Anti-alias checked / Border width 4
Fill the small selection with Black.
Add small Drop Shadow.

Repeat above for Layer 6.

Layers 7 and 8 - Select a color; use Color Changer Tool; fill both with same.
Effects / Texture / Blinds:
Width 4, Opacity 40, Color #3f3f3f, Light from left/top CHECKED
Apply the same thin Black Gradient Glow as before.

Layers 9 and 10 - Select a color; use Color Changer Tool; fill both with same.
Filter - EyeCandy 4000 Water Drops.  Under Settings I chose "Little Round Drops".  I did not alter any of the settings.

Copy and paste your Tube; position where you like; add Drop Shadow.

Layer 11 WordArt - I copied this as a New Document then Greyscaled (because of the outline) so that I could colorize Green.
Then I added thin Black Gradient Glow and a light Drop Shadow.

Layer 12 WordArt - I chose the Color Change Tool and filled with White.  Added the Black Gradient Glow and a Drop Shadow.

I used Black for my text and applied a Medium Gradient Glow.

If you like, resize your tag; all layers.  Now add your Credits.  Adding them after resizing your tag will ensure that they remain crisp; clear; and easy to read.

Delete the white layer; crop to visible layers then save.  I saved mine in Transparent PNG Format.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  Any ideas contained that are similar to others are purely coincidental.  Do not copy and claim as your own.  Group Owners may link to my tutorial.

February 18, 2013

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