Friday, August 30, 2013

Adams Steampunk Tut - PTU

This tutorial was written August 30, 2013 by me.  Any ideas contained that are similar to others are purely coincidental.  Do not copy and claim as your own.  Group Owners may link to my tutorial.

- I used PaintShopPro XI
- Tube and Close-up of Choice. For my tag I chose Joel Adams, available from The CDO Store.  Do not use the artwork without a License.
- The PTU scrapkit I used is "Steampunk Cloud" by Scrappin Krazy Designs.
- Font of Choice - I used Biblioteque

~Here We Go~

Open a New Canvas, approx. 650x650 (room to work; resize later); fill with white.

Copy and paste your Tube.

Select Preset Shape Tool - Octagon Shape (came with PSP)
Line Width - 10
Stroke Color - #5e554c
Fill Color - Null (none)

Draw shape as large as you feel goes well with the Tube you have chosen.  Move shape into position.  Convert to Raster.

Using Magic Wand, click inside your Octagon; Selections; Modify; Expand by 3.  Add New Layer below shape.  Open Paper 5; copy; paste into selection.  Select None.

On the outline add Drop Shadow 2 / 2 / 80 / 3.  Merge visible these 2 layers.

Duplicate Octagon; Mirror; Flip.

Open Paper 16; on Materials Palette select as Background; set Foreground Null.  Use Preset Shapes Tool and draw a vertical bar.  Place where you like it on your tag; convert to Raster.

Open Paper 9; do the same as with Paper 16 - except make a bit narrower; place a bit lower; convert to Raster.

Open GrungeMesh; copy and paste behind rectangles.

Open Gears8; copy and paste above rectangles.

Open Goggles; copy and paste above octagon.  Open your close-up tube; copy and paste below goggles; duplicate.  Move one to Left so that the Eye is in a good location.  Move other to Right in a good location.

On goggles layer, with your Magic Wand click on left lense; hold shift key and click on right lense.  Selections; Modify; Expand by 19; Invert.  Press Delete on each close-up layer; deselect.  Merge visible these 3 layers.  For my tag I then resized 80%.

Open Frame 1; paste above octagon; resize 80%. Open Paper 14; copy and paste below frame; resize about 60% or a size where the paper's pattern looks good to you.  Using Freehand Tool; Point-to-Point; draw around frame; invert; delete excess paper.

Paste FlowerCluster2; mirror; resize 45%.  Place to lower left of octagon.  Duplicate; mirror; flip and place to right above frame.

Paste Gears5; resize 25%; place at bottom; duplicate; mirror; position where you like.

Add Drop Shadows as you see fit for your layers.

Now select your Font and add your Name.

Add the proper Crediting for the artwork you are using.

Delete the white background layer; merge visible; crop excess; save tag in PNG Format.

Thank you for trying my tutorial. 

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