Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soon To Be More Content :)

Update - Now that it's official, I can tell you that I am on Jackie's Jewels Creative Team.  Her kits are wonderful and I hope you will enjoy the Tags and/or Cluster Frames I will be making.

I will be contributing more to my Blog fairly soon.  An opportunity came to join a personal CT and I decided to give it a whirl.  Some may recall that I was on a few CT's awhile back and I enjoyed it.  Then my Mother passed away and I just didn't have the heart for it at the time.  I didn't feel that I could contribute the time and attention that was required, so I felt best to bow out.  I also lost an external hard drive and our computer began to have issues.  My memory's not so great so I don't recall in what order 'stuff' happened.  In any event, all the ladies involved were very understanding and I appreciated that.

So as soon as I get things together, you'll hear from me.


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