Saturday, November 1, 2014

CT Tut - Let's Hit The Road / PTU

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There are no examples; users should have a working knowledge of PaintShopPro. I do not recall all of the settings I used.

* I am using PaintShop Pro XI
* Tube of Choice - I used an Exclusive by Zlata_M which can not be used without a License.  You may purchase the tube from PicsForDesign.
* "On The Road Again" is a PTU scrapkit created by Jackie’s Jewels
* Mask of Choice – I used Rocked by Rachel Number 4 from Set 20 >HERE<.  Be sure to say thank you if you download.

~ Here We Go ~

Open a new canvas 900x900; gives you lots of room to work.  You will resize at the end before adding the credits.
Copy & paste MirrorFrame as a new layer.
Open Paper3; copy.
Back on frame, use Freehand Selection tool to trace around the opening.  When you finish and see the "ants", add a New Layer.  Then go Edit; Paste Into Selection.  The Paper that you copied will be inserted.  Select None.  Move below frame layer.
Open Cactus2; copy and paste as new layer on top of the Paper.  Resize; place where desired.  Duplicate; resize again; place where you like.
Open Sign1; copy and paste as new layer above frame layer; resize.
Open Suitcase; copy and paste as new layer; resize.
Open States; copy and paste as new layer; resize.
Open RoadTripKeychain; copy and paste as new layer; resize.
Open Envelope1 (Postcard); copy and paste as new layer; duplicate.
On the duplicate, Select All; Float; Defloat - keep selected.
Open Paper2; copy, then Edit; Paste Into Selection on the duplicate postcard. Select None.
Move the Paper layer above the Postcard then change the Layer Blend Mode to one of your choice.  I used Overlay; then merge down.
Rotate left 10 degrees, if desired.
Open Keys; copy and paste as new layer; resize.
Copy and paste your Tube.
Open Drink; copy and paste as new layer; resize.  Duplicate; rotate right 90 degrees.
Open Camera; copy and paste as new layer; resize.
Select your paper for Mask Layer - I used Paper8; copy and paste onto your canvas.
Open your Mask; apply mask; resize if necessary.
Now go back and add Drop Shadow to all layers to your liking. 
Delete the white layer; crop to visible layers.
Resize your tag; all layers (my tag is 595x518).  Now add your Credits.  Adding them after resizing your tag will ensure that they remain crisp; clear; and easy to read (the way most stores require in their TOU).
Add your Name and any Effects.
Save your tag.  I saved mine in Transparent PNG Format

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  Any ideas contained that are similar to others are purely coincidental.  Do not copy and claim as your own.  Group Owners may link to my tutorial.

November 1, 2014

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