Friday, February 27, 2015

CT Extra Sets - Trying Something New

As with all things new, there are likely to be things to come up that I'll need to learn.  Please be patient with me as I learn-by-doing.  In the end, I hope this new method of delivering Extra Tag Sets will be easy.  Okay ... so here's my plan ...

Starting with the next set I make - which will be later today - I will be creating BOTH a "Flat Set" and a Transparent PNG Set.  I will have the Previews here on my Blog and will link to a Zip File that will be at  Both sets will be in the SAME Zip File.

I don't have the same "hobby funds" as I once did, so my Box Account is a FREE one.  There will be limitations and right now, I don't quite understand all of the options.  It's a little confusing for me at the moment, so I know I'm bound to make a few goofs.  I'll do my best to fix what I can as quickly as I can.

Thank you ... and cross your fingers ... hehehe  :-)

Update:  It seems that with a Free Account and/or the type of Settings, the Comments Feature is not available.  It's not that I expect comments - I know that some people do like to leave a note.  Sorry it's not easily done over there.  You can always leave a note on the Blog Post or in the Chat Box.


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