Saturday, March 21, 2015

CT Jackie's Jewels ~ Her Forbidden Treasure

Do you like "Salty" Pirates, or "Sexy Pirates" - or both :)  Then you'll love "Her Forbidden Treasure" by Jackie's Jewels available for purchase >HERE<.

Here's a preview of my Cluster Frame and two sets of Extras.  As always, the cluster is for personal use only.  You may reduce the size of cluster to better fit the size of your project.

The first set I created with an Exclusive by Zlata_M from PFD and you may download >92832HERE<.  The second set I created with the artwork of Al Rio, who was with CILM at the time I purchased.  You may download >92833HERE<.  Please do not share these links; share my Blog instead.

Thank you for visiting. :-)  Though comments for downloading are not required, they are very much appreciated.  Please feel free to comment here or use the Chat Box.

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