Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CT PinkParadox Productions ~ Cherry Bomb

"Cherry Bomb" was such a fun kit to play with.  You've probably seen many wonderful things created with it before as this kit was added to store in 2013.  I was drawn to it because I love the 1950's feel ... and oh wow ... the car.  Also reminds me of my Mother who loved growing up in that time period; I don't remember her stories anymore though and sadly she passed away in 2012.  So anyway - you can rock away with this kit available HERE by PinkParadox Productions.

For my tags I chose the artwork of Scott Blair and Keith Garvey. Extras are not to be altered in any way.  Please do not share the download link; send friends to my Blog.

Thank you for visiting. :-)  Though comments for downloading are not required, they are very much appreciated.  Please feel free to comment here or use the Chat Box.
Set_92852_BLAIR  /  Set_92853_GARVEY

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