Monday, July 13, 2015

CT PinkParadox Productions "Sunshiny Day" Extras

The name of this kit, "Sunshiny Day" made me smile and once I opened it, I smiled much more.  I am sure you will enjoy creating with it as much as I did.  This wonderful kit can be purchased from PinkParadox Productions.

I have created two sets of Extras - one with the adorable artwork of Ellie_Milk and the other with the oh so cute furry friends artwork of Kajenna.

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EllieMilk_92889-15  /  Kajenna_92890-15


  1. Love the Kajenna snags. It' missing the on top one though. TYSVM Laura ♥

    1. ;) Not all sets will have exactly the same phrases. I did that on purpose. :P


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