Thursday, July 2, 2015

PTU Tutorial "Serenity Park" and Extras

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There are no examples; users should have a working knowledge of PaintShopPro (PSP XI is the version I used).


* "Serenity Park" is a PTU scrapkit by Jackie's Jewels available for purchase >HERE<
* Tube of Choice - I used "Becky" by Verymany which can not be used without a License >HERE<
* Font of Choice - I used a free one called Kikelet
* Mask of Choice - I used RR_MaskSet66_Mask3 by Rachel >HERE<. Be sure to say thank you if you download.

~ Here We Go ~

- Open New Canvas 800x800 to have room to work; fill bottom with White.
> If you prefer a specific size for your tags, what I do is create a 600x600 Gray Canvas then copy and paste it as New Layer.  This gives me a better idea for resizing elements as I go along.
- Add a new layer, fill with Landscape Gradient or another of your choice, or a Paper from the kit. Apply Mask of choice - resize to suit your tag size.
- Copy and paste Tree1; resize 65%; Sharpen.  Duplicate; move copy over to the left; resize 70%.
- C&P Kite; resize 40% Sharpen; place near tree.
- C&P Fence1; resize 45% Sharpen; place to right.
- C&P Fountain; resize 47% Sharpen; place to left slightly in front of the smaller tree.  I know canvas looks a bit "odd" right now - we're trying to give the illusion of fountain more in the distance.
- If you'd like, C&P Flowers3 resize 80% Sharpen; place to the left behind Fountain.  Duplicate; image Mirror; place to the right a bit.
- C&P Bench; resize 40% Sharpen; place in front of Fountain.
- C&P Flower Bundle2; resize 40%; Sharpen; place in front of the Fence.  Paste again; resize 30% this time; Sharpen; place next to larger bundle.
- The rest I tend to assemble around the style of Tube I chose for my tag, in this case one that is sitting.  C&P your Tube then begin adding any of the extras you like for completing your design.

- I added the following:
Stone Path
Row of Flowers
Flower Bundle2

- Add Drop Shadow to all of the Elements and the Tube.
- Delete the white layer and the 'size' layer.  Select the Crop Tool; crop to merged opaque.
- Resize if necessary; sharpen if needed (this will depend on when/if you do any resizing).
- Add your Crediting Information. Adding them after resizing your tag will ensure that they remain crisp; clear; and easy to read.
- Add your Name - I used the "Kikelet" font, Size 60 Points, 1 Stroke, Text Color #e098b2, Stroke Color #ffd6e8.  I added Drop Shadow:
1 / 2 / 80 / 8 / Black

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  Any ideas contained that are similar to others are purely coincidental.  Do not copy and claim as your own.  Group Owners may link to my tutorial.

July 1, 2015

I also have a set of Extras at Fotki ... >Verymany_92885-15<

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