Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CT PinkParadox Productions - Autumn Daydream Extras

In our little neck of the woods it has been so hot lately with temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, I am wishing for the Fall season to begin.  Perhaps if I make enough images with Fall kits, my wish will come true ... who knows.  It's fun playing with these gorgeous kits by PinkParadox Productions anyway.  This beauty is "Autumn Daydream" and if you're quick, you can buy it on sale.

The Extras are available at >Fotki<; you can choose which Format you prefer. Extras are not to be altered in any way. Please send friends to my Blog; do not upload extras to other storage sites for the purpose of sharing with others.

Thank you for visiting. :-)  Though comments are not required, they are very much appreciated.  Please feel free to comment here, or Chat Box, or at Fotki.
ZlataM_92900-15  /  ScrapsPPP_92901-15

NEW:  1920x1080 Desktop Wallpaper of the ZlataM tag also available. Do NOT edit in any way.  Can be downloaded from my Dropbox >HERE<

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  1. Great tags & EXTRAS as always, I luv your work.....JustMeCec xoxo


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