Thursday, September 10, 2015

Extra Tag Sets - My Fotki Closing

In a matter of weeks, Fotki is no longer providing Free Accounts (Oct. 1, 2015).  At this time I do not know where I will offer my extra tag sets.  I can not afford to pay for Fotki - my "hobby funds" are limited and I prefer to reserve for buying Artwork and the occasional scrap kit.

I think the majority of my visitors use the images on Facebook so it's not necessary for me to offer the sets in both formats (JPG and PNG).  Also, if I were to upload PNGs here to the blog if the person does not have a program on their device that correctly reads and saves PNG transparency, a black background is automatically added to the image.  Personally I do not like that.  So, if I do upload sets here to my blog they will not be transparent format.

I am currently chatting with other digital hobbyists to see what they're using and any other options out there.  I also need something that is easy to use - and just as easy for followers to save images from.

Thank you.

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