Monday, October 19, 2015

Sleep Peacefully, Sweet Spencer

Sunday, October 18th was a very sad day here at home.  Our precious Spencer had been not feeling well for about a week and much to our surprise, developed a heart murmur.  The poor little guy had been having intestinal issues and I took him to the Vet; received medication and was told about the murmur.  No cause for alarm at that time.  The alarm came the next day when at home his breathing became an issue; back to Vet for tests and X-Ray.  Everything after this is jumbled in my poor memory now.

Spencer had a blockage in his stomach which he had a Barium Test for; seemed to come through that process okay.  He had an appetite at home; was slightly perky.  We were potentially scheduling him for surgery to clear the blockage; the Vet would do one more X-ray the next morning.  Unfortunately that night, he had a critical episode at home and I took him to E.R. Vet where he had to spend the night; spend time on oxygen.  The E.R. Vet said the murmur was "high grade".

After spending the night in the E.R., I picked him up the next morning.  He was bright and happy to see me and we felt the immediate crisis was over.  Went to our Vet before going home to pick up medication that he would be on for the remainder of his life to manage his heart condition.

Spencer seemed fine on Friday and most of Saturday - good appetite; able to "settle" and sleep where before he was not.  His rate of breathing was fast though.  At the advice of our Vet, I changed the Cardiologist appointment from Friday 10/23 to Monday (which would have been today).

When going to bed at night I would ask that he would still be with us when I woke in the morning.  Yes, I understood he was not doing well but my husband and I felt that with the medication his condition would be manageable; that soon we would see improvement again.  We so wanted to give Spencer the chance to turn a corner, ya' know.

On Sunday, Spencer was still with us but he was definitely not doing well.  He had no interest in his food, which also meant that I could not administer his medications because they are IN the food.  After a short period, I woke my husband up and told him we need to take him to E.R. Vet.  Shortly after arriving, Spencer passed away.  I want to believe that Spencer knew I would be crushed if I found him gone at home so he waited until we were at the hospital.

We were able to say good-bye in the treatment area; Spencer was unconscious and not in any pain.  I believe Spencer somehow knew I was there; I spoke to him and gently petted him.  He's now with his "sister" Lexi across the Rainbow Bridge.

This has been very difficult to accept.  One minute he was okay and then the next he was critical but manageable and then the next he was gone.  My heart is breaking.  Even with managing the heart disease, we know that Spencer's time would be shortened - but we did not expect that he would be gone *right now*.

♥ Breath Easily ♥ Play Fetch ♥ Play Chase ♥  ... Love, Momma and Daddy

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  1. I am so sorry Laura ♥ You & Spencer are in my Thoughts & Prayers;


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