Thursday, April 28, 2016

Please Save Images In Their Original Size ONLY

Because of the multitude of devices and ways that images are being saved and shared, it's happening more and more.  The Extras that we share (and anything that a Tagger creates for you) should only be saved in their original size.  As License Holders, we are required to make the Copyright information "clear and legible" or we are at risk of losing our Licenses.

If you are using a phone or some other device that automatically shrinks our images, PLEASE wait until you are at a computer or use some other means of saving.

Here is an example of one of my Extras that I saw (this person has a few of mine and she "tagged" her friends, too).  I can see there is "something" there - but that is NOT the point.  Please do NOT use these resized images ... and Group Owners/Admins, please delete them when they are posted in your groups.

Here is the Original Size from Feb. 2015.  When saving from Blogs, etc. always click on the image to open it, making sure it is full size.  Then save.

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