Saturday, June 11, 2016

PTU Lakeside Beauty Timeline Tutorial & Snag

There are no examples; users should have a working knowledge of PaintShopPro.

I am using Corel PSP XI
Drop Shadow: 2, 2, 50, Black, 5
EyeCandy 4000 - Gradient Glow; Optional
Font Of Choice - I used Mozza Shadow

PTU Kit Lakeside Beauty >HERE< 

Tube of Choice - I used Trinita's "Hot Summer" >HERE<

* As you copy and place elements, etc. don't be concerned with things hanging off the background. We'll clean all that up at the end.

- Create New Image Size 850x315 Pixels; fill with White; keep this layer.  Now go to Image/Canvas Size and enlarge to 1000x1000; Center placement. This will give you room to work with the Papers and larger Elements.
- Select a Paper for your background; I chose #19; copy and paste. Resize 85%.
- Go to the White layer; Select All; Float; Defloat. Go to the paper and move either up or down depending how much sky you want. Invert the Selection then press Delete; deselect.
- C&P Element 147; resize 35%; place to the right. C&P Element 70; resize 15%; place "in" tree.
- C&P Element 140; mirror image; resize 30%; place to the left. C&P Element 9; resize 15:; place onto the opening of the tree. C&P Element 11; mirror image; resize 10%. Move layer below the tree then partially place behind it.
- C&P Element 13; resize 15%; place where desired.
- C&P Element 73; resize 40%; place in lower left area. C&P Element 8; resize 15%; place near front of boat. C&P Element 133; resize 30%; place to left of rabbit, a little in front. Duplicate; move layer below rabbit; place to right.
- C&P Element 63; resize 40%; place in lower right area. C&P Tube; resize 37%; place onto mat. (The Car is a layer with the Tube.)
- Add any other elements to make the set more your own look.
- For the Avatar, I used Size 350x350. Create your canvas; Select All; Float; Defloat; open paper 19 again; Copy; Edit/Paste Into Selection; Deselect.  Open your Tube or Close-up and crop away any excess that you don't want; paste onto your canvas.
- For your Timeline and Avatar, add Drop Shadow to all your elements.
- On the Timeline, go to the WHITE layer.  Select your Crop Tool; use the Layer Opaque option.  This will cut your timeline to proper size while getting rid of all the excess.
- Now add your Copyright and License Information to Timeline and Avatar.
- Choose a Font for your Name; add Gradient Glow if you'd like.

Here are my results - this is a Facebook Set.  Do not resize to use in Forums, etc.


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