Thursday, December 1, 2016

Facebook Changed Policy Re URLs - Check STORES First

April 2018 - Again, some visitors think that I did the research and the other work involved.  :(  I did not and I asked if I could share it.  At the time I was still on a Scrap Designer's Creative Team so I had visitors often.  In no way did I take credit, EVER.  When asked personally, I would state exactly who did this research.  When making this post, I was worried that the person might be flooded with contact so that was my ONLY reason for not naming her "in public".   I apologized in 2017 and I am doing so again.

Regarding Facebook's update, I was overly excited.  I was misguided and made an assumption that the news would spread like wildfire (my bad).  Remember when the first uproar hit and everyone was in a panic?  The "No URL News" spread faster than soft butter on a hot biscuit.  It's just very sad that the reverse has not been met with as much vigor.  According to Facebook we can -- however -- according to Store TOU's that specifically say No URLs -- we must not.   
Original Post - December 1, 2016
Facebook changed their policy which affects the way we add our Licensing Credits to Timeline Covers, Group Banners and Page Banners.  Funny thing is, most of the Digital Design Stores have not updated their T.O.U.'s.

Remember when all heck broke loose in the creative community about the URL being regarded as "advertising" so everyone said NO URLs on Covers, Banners, etc.?   Well now that this has changed, where is the "bandwagon" for changing it back?   lol

I have been putting URLs on my Timeline Covers and thankfully haven't gotten into any 'trouble' with any of the Stores.  I realize that until they "catch up" and modify their TOU Pages that, technically, I'm going against TOU's.  ugh  {About six months later, I STOPPED}.

So please ... anyone that sees this post share it with the powers-that-be at your Stores.  You'll be making SO many people happy ... just watch.

** Timeline / Banner Crediting UPDATE 2016:     I did not do this research and I am copying with permission.  Feb. 2017 - I am highlighting this because I think some people are overlooking the fact that I plainly say I DID NOT DO THIS RESEARCH AND I AM COPYING WITH PERMISSION.

We can have a URL in the credits on Timeline cover as this is not commercial business advertising - it is simply putting credits so as not to infringe upon Artist's Copyrights. The following statement can be found in both the pages TOU/policy and personal timelines TOU/policy of Facebook: 

"All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can't be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone's copyright".

If you would care to read the current Facebook policy, nowhere does it state that URLs are not allowed within credits on a timeline cover.

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