Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to see for myself

I'll be away for a bit; going to stay with my Mom and see for myself how she's coming along.

When I spoke with her the other day, she told me that she had two "mini strokes" ... like little temporary "blips". For example, one of them happened while on the phone with my sister. Mom felt her tongue go numb and she slurred a few words. It was so quick that my sister did not notice.

During this conversation my Mom also told me how her husband was "mean" to her. OMG that pissed me off! He was upset that she didn't tell him right away about the mini strokes; I could understand him being upset with her. However, Mom needed his help physically and he did not help her. WTH! is up with that. She still uses a walker and does need help and he wouldn't come when she called omg. That just does not sound like him at all. I know he loves my mother. The "silent treatment" is one thing - not helping her is quite another.

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