Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Mother fell and broke her hip

As if things were not precarious enough for her already. omg Why does our Mother have to be such a 'stubborn' woman? Sure, that trait can help you through many things but it can also be a detriment.

Mom went outside onto their deck WITHOUT using her walker or cane and fell yesterday. I have spoken with my mother's husband, my niece and my sister. Mom is in the hospital awaiting partial hip replacement surgery. She has received a nerve blocker for the pain, that in itself was a dangerous procedure. Thankfully it went well and I hope that she will have relief very soon.

They are hoping to operate today or tomorrow. They are waiting for various things; such as for her blood to thicken from Vitamin K given to her.

So that is all I know right now. Oh, I did speak to mom for a few minutes this morning. I have inherited a small bit of her 'sassy' sense of humor so I gave her a "bad time" for the not-so-nice anniversary present (18 years today). Gave us both a slight chuckle, which I needed because I was crying a little bit.

When I think of her having surgery, that is what gets to me. Mother is not what you would call a good candidate ... diabetes, strokes, heart attack, bypass surgery last year. Anyone that goes under anesthesia is at risk, of course, but she has other health issues.

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