Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Bit of Catching Up

Most of my online friends know that I have not quite been myself for a long time now. I am still rather sad from Lexi's passing. Whenever I am on the computer, I see her beautiful brown eyes looking at me. I do not have the heart to take down her photos - she was too much a part of our lives for 14 years. So I just don't look around the room too much.

My mother is having a difficult recovery from the stroke and hip surgery. My husband and I will be visiting her very shortly. Mom has kindly said we can bring Spencer along and I was a little surprised, but grateful. I was dreading boarding him for the very first time alone, without Lexi. Given his nervous nature, I think they would place Spencer in their "cat room" as long as they were not boarding any cats at the time. It's much quieter in there.

Anyway, I'm getting back into tagging more. I have always loved making tags. It often takes me much longer now because I need to take a lot of breaks while making one. I haven't decided how/where I might display them again. You see, it is using the mouse that causes trouble with my hands (and long periods of typing). I don't know if it's quicker to use Blog or Facebook.

I do not write tutorials but I do like showing tags I have made from them, and sometimes on my own.

What is up w/Blog and/or Photobucket?  Image should be transparent PNG.

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