Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For Fans Of My Tags

I have opened a Yahoo Group for an Always List.  If you're not a fan of Yahoo groups because of the volume of mail, I will be the only person sending mail.  How often will you receive mail?  Here are some examples:

* You'll receive the "Group File" notices.
* You'll receive an email from me when I have uploaded new Tags.
* Then you'll receive an email for special circumstances ... for example, if I am on vacation and not sending tags out for a bit.

You will not receive reminders to pick up.  You'll be notified when there are new tags and then they will be deleted in 7 Days.  You are NOT required to reply (FYI - settings are such that it will only go to me).  If you save in time, great - hope you like the tag(s).  If you don't, sorry ... tags will be gone.

As a special note ... I make Tags - I do not make Facebook Timeline Covers.  Sometimes I make Forum Sets; but not that often.

Group Members will be required to enter their Tag Name (1 only) and their Yahoo ID Name into group's database.  Once I have that information, they'll receive the next tag made for the List.

The Holiday Season is approaching ... hint, hint ... Always List members will be receiving some of the Tags you have seen me post here (or Facebook).


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