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Tut - Adams Perfectly Autumn PTU

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There are no examples; users should have a working knowledge of PaintShopPro.


> I am using PaintShop Pro XI, though any version can be used.

> "Perfectly Autumn" is a PTU scrapkit created by Scrappin Krazy Designs

> Tube of Choice - I used Joel Adams which can not be used without a License.  You may purchase the tube from CDO.  Artist was with CILM store when I purchased the Tube.

> Simone's Mask0172 (or one of your choosing). Be sure to say thank you if you download.

> Font of Choice - I used KG Be Still And Know

~Here We Go~

Open a New Canvas, approx. 650x650 (room to work; re-size later); fill with white.

Copy and paste Ele22

Copy and paste Ele48 below frame; re-size 80%. Position where you like. Duplicate; mirror; position.

On frame layer get Magic Wand. Click inside frame area; selections; modify; expand by 3; invert. Select leaves layer; hit delete. Select none - repeat for the other side of frame.

Add drop shadow to leaves; erase any that may be outside of the frame.

Open P01; duplicate. On copy Grey-scale the paper. Copy and paste under leaves; re-size paper 70%. With Magic Wand, click inside both areas of the frame; expand selection by 3; invert; hit delete on the Paper layer. Select None.

I wanted a brown shade of paper so I used PSP's Manual Color Correction to #593829.

Hide background layer and Merge visible the frame, leaves, paper layers.

Re-size to suit your Tube/Tag. I re-sized 90%.

Copy and paste Ele49; re-size if you wish; place to the right side below merged layer. Duplicate; mirror. You can move it a little or re-size a tiny bit more so that it's not exactly like the other side.

Copy and paste Ele10; re-size if you wish; place to the right side below Ele49.

Copy and paste Ele47; re-size if you wish; place to the right side above merged layer.

Copy and paste Ele79; re-size if you wish; place to the left side above merged layer.

Add any other elements from the kit that you wish.

Copy and paste Paper 11 as a new layer; re-size as necessary for your tag.  Apply Mask0172.
  • When you re-size, be sure to sharpen as needed.
  • Add Drop Shadow to your liking.
  • Delete the white layer.
  • With all other layers visible, Crop to Merged Opaque.
  • Re-size; All Layers to your desired tag size.
  • Now add your Credits. Adding them after resizing your tag will ensure that they remain crisp; clear; and easy to read.
  • Now add your Name.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  Any ideas contained that are similar to others are purely coincidental.  Do not copy and claim as your own.  Group Owners may link to my tutorial.

October 5, 2013

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