Monday, February 8, 2016

CT PinkParadox ~ Truly Madly Deeply Extras

For Valentine's Day and all of your other romantic image creating, you need to check out "Truly Madly Deeply" by PinkParadox Productions.

Extras below with the artwork of Arthur Crowe and Stan Dudin may only be used as-is. Extras are NOT "Blanks" and you may NOT add Names or modify in ANY other way. Do not use as Facebook Profile or Timeline Cover. Do not upload to storage/photo sites for the purpose of sharing with others. Send your friends here to my Blog. Thank you for visiting. :-)


  1. Gorgeous Laura ♥ thanks darlin' I saved a few.

  2. Snagged a few of these beauties ❤ thank u do much sweetie

  3. Wow! These are stunning! Especially the 2nd set! Gorgeous! thank you so much!


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