Thursday, February 18, 2016

CT Tags "Summer Gypsy" - PinkParadox Prod.

Whether or not you have a "Gypsy" themed tube, this kit is gorgeous and you can create many other style of tags with "Summer Gypsy".  This kit is currently on sale at 25% off so get on over to PinkParadox Productions before the sale ends.

Extras below with the artwork of Alehandra Vanhek (an Exclusive) and Misticheskaya may only be used as-is. Extras are NOT "Blanks" and you may NOT add Names or modify in ANY other way. Do not use as Facebook Profile or Timeline Cover. Do not upload to storage/photo sites for the purpose of sharing with others. Send your friends here to my Blog.


  1. Thank u for sharing these gorgeous snags hun

  2. They're wonderful Laura ♥ Thank You!

  3. Thank you! Sorry I have been absent for a while. Health issues, missed your work though!


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