Friday, May 6, 2016

CT PinkParadox Prod. ~ "Strawberry Watermelon" Extras

"Strawberry Watermelon" is a wonderful summertime kit by PinkParadox Productions.  This lovely kit, and more, can be yours for 50% off May 6th - May 9th.

Extras below with the artwork of Michi Art and Eugene Rzhevskii may only be used as-is. Extras are NOT "Blanks" and you may NOT add Names or modify in ANY other way; do NOT resize them. Please click on image to view full-size, then save.  If your device does not save in their ORIGINAL SIZE, do not use. Not to be used as Timeline or Banner. >PLEASE READ<


  1. Do you have a tut that goes with the first one? That is so cute and would like to make that one :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment. No, sorry I do not have a tutorial for it. However, everything I used is in the Kit.


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