Monday, August 29, 2016

PaintShop Photo Pro XI Not Working

August 18, 2016 was the last day I was able to launch Corel PSP XI (aka version eleven back then, or X 1 now that they're up to X9 I think).  I am using Windows 7 Professional and have NO plans to upgrade to Windows 10.  I have it on this laptop and I don't like it.

So, I've been posting about my issues on Facebook but I had not posted anything here for friends and/or followers that do not have Facebook.  Sorry about that.

Friends in the PSP Community have been trying to help me and/or sending me links where I have read that MANY users have had the same issue ... all of a sudden on Aug. 19th they could NOT open PSP.  Some posters referenced PSP 9, but I don't know if they meant the *new* PSP X9 or the very old Jasc PSP 9 (changed to Corel with Version 10).  A few have reported their issue was with an update of "Dropbox" and that after another update, they were able to launch PSP.  I have not been so lucky. :(   I have removed Dropbox from our computer; run ccCleaner to remove any of the 'bits' that an un-install leaves behind; opened the Programs Folder and deleted that folder; emptied Trash Bin --- still no PSP.

Windows 7 Pro has now indicated that PSP XI is not compatible - bull, I say!  I would not have installed it on our new computer if I had not checked everything out first via Microsoft Compatibility Website; chatting with other users that had Win7 and XI at the time; etc.  That was 2014 and it had functioned perfectly fine for these last two years.  This is ridiculous!

Many of my PSP friends do not use Tag Scripting and I have been using it for many years.  I first learned when I had Jasc PSP Version 8.  Many years have passed since then and now that I sometimes have issues with my hands, I really rely on the Tag Scripting.  Just the thought of losing it makes me shudder.  I'm not positive, but I believe that my version of PSP is the last one that the Tag Script functions with.

:( :(  A very sad digital art hobbyist and Creative Team Member.

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