Friday, September 2, 2016

PSP XI is Back - Slowly

Later in the day on August 29th, I was able to launch PSP again!  A friend suggested that I attempt a complete re-install one more time; I had tried a Repair, a Re-install, and using a System Restore Point.  The final removal and new install did the trick.  Though I'm not sure why, PSP responds a bit more slowly than before.  Maybe it's clashing with something else that's on our computer.  Who knows.  I'm just happy that I have it back!

Over the last few days, I have been working off-and-on getting my PSP "rebuilt".  I had the program customized with shortcut icons, etc.  Then there are the Filters and all the other extras.  At my age (even though not that old), I'm still a little lost when I open it.  lol   I was only without it for 10 days.  Just when I think I have located something, nope - it's somewhere else.  It's an adventure.

I'm hoping to get back to creative team projects after the weekend.  My husband typically snags the computer from me over the weekends.  I prefer not to select a kit and risk not being able to commit to the time-frame required.  Since I've been away, there are so many gorgeous new things to choose from ... oy  This Gemini's brain is swimming.  Decisions, decisions.  It's not easy for me sometimes - I change my mind and then I change it again, and maybe again.

Anyway - that's what's going on.

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